Galvanized Steel Sheet

  • Steel Plates 1.50million ton

  • Reinforcing Bars 2.55million tons

  • Sections 1.30million tons

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet 1.70million tons

  • Pre-Coated Metal 0.65million tons

Annual Production Capacity

Total 7.90million tons - Hot Rolled Products 70%, Cold Rolled Products 30%

Annual Steel Making Capacity

Total 3.60million tons

Galvannealed Steel Sheets (GA)

Galvannealed Steel Sheets

Galvannealed Steel Sheets (GA)

Galvannealed steel sheets (GA) are produced by reheating the galvanized layer to spread the galvanized zinc and iron materials on the surface to re-coagulate a thin light gray layer of steel-iron alloy. The alloy layer contains about 10% of iron, and compared to pure zinc has less ionization and is stronger in terms of limited surface corrosion. GA is most commonly used in cars that require high-corrosion resistance after spot welding and stamping.

Experience the production process


As an iron-zinc alloy has excellent spot weldability.
Fine bumps treatment and preprocessing of the galvanized layer excellent, and is often used after stamping due to its great adhesion and high-corrosion resistance after stamping.
Due to its high surface hardness, management of the iron ratio in the alloyed metal, fine tissues, and thickness of galvanized layer is important to minimize po dering that occurs during press forming.
Most commonly used for automobile parts and in some cases uses in place of EGI for home appliances that require high corrosion resistance.


Automobile parts, as well as internal and external panels for refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and etc.

  • 1 Car door parts
  • 2 Air conditioners
  • 3 Washing machines

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