Pre-Coated Metal

  • Steel Plates 1.50million ton

  • Reinforcing Bars 2.55million tons

  • Sections 1.30million tons

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet 1.70million tons

  • Pre-Coated Metal 0.65million tons

Annual Production Capacity

Total 7.90million tons - Hot Rolled Products 70%, Cold Rolled Products 30%

Annual Steel Making Capacity

Total 3.60million tons




Luxteel is a brand that represents color steel sheets for premium construction that reflects the new will and values of Dongkuk Steel

Experience the production process


UNIGLASS is a new product that has applied the new technology, for the first time in the world, of coating and hardening highly transparent UV clear on the surface clearly like a mirror on the pre-coated metal (PCM) line, and boasts glass-like clarity. By developing optimal UV paints and work conditions that produces steel sheets that have great hardness and high processability, UNIGLASS is a revolutionary high-clarity, high-spangle product that simultaneously solves the issues of low-quality of existing high-clarity PCM and expensiveness of vinyl coated metals (VCM).


  • A high-quality color steel sheet that has great hardness and clear with glass-like high-clarity that is finished with either print, metallic, pearl, or solid color as to emphasize color and pattern.
  • Recommended for use where a refined interior in areas not particularly exposed to outdoor ultraviolet rays or areas that need emphasis, and especially increases the class of building if used for fire doors.
  • The hardness of the surface can be adjusted per purpose of the construction material, and a protecting film needs to be attached to protect the surface during forming or handling.


Fire doors, interior of elevators, indoor interior, kitchens and furniture, etc.



UNITEX is produced by applying a new technology on the PCM line, for the first time in the world that prints consecutive three-dimensional patterns by inserting ink inside the screen cylinder so that the ink is dispersed through the mesh of the screen that already has patterns inscribed. UNITEX is a more sophisticated color steel sheet product that possesses not only various complicated multi-dimensional patterns difficult to make with embossing rolls, but also adds visual texture through shadow effect by differentiating the spangle between the sheet and the base.


  • Able to express various patterns expressed by silk screens, and able to replace silk screen products at a more affordable price.
  • The thickness of the surface pattern can be adjusted from 20 to 30㎛.
  • High-clarity, high-spangle textures possible, and appropriate for interior constrution material and fire doors.
  • Not recommended for use in areas that are exposed to outdoor UV rays for long periods of time.


Fire doors, interior of elevators, indoor interior, kitchens and furniture, etc.

  • 1 UNITEX patterns
  • 2 UNITEX patterns
  • 3 UNITEX patterns


UNISUS is a hairline-pattern steel sheet that has an exterior like a stainless-hairline product by reshaping the surface evenly by polishing the surface of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI) and then adding hairline patterns. Though has less durability than stainless products, can be applied in various products except for exterior construction materials exposed to outdoor rain because it is a GI product that has undergone stamping treatment.


  • Enables supply at a more affordable price that possess the sophisticated exterior of stainless products.
  • Able to use for construction material except exterior materials exposed to rain.
  • Transparent, or translucent finishing to express hairline patterns on surface.
  • Still sufficiently maintains the sophisticated metal texture of steel products.


Fire doors, interior of elevators, indoor interior, kitchens and furniture, etc.

  • 1 Fire doors
  • 2 Interior of elevators
  • 3 Interior construction


Print is a printed color steel sheet for construction materials that expresses various colors and patterns by using printing technology that can combine 1 degree to 4 degrees. Print can increase the class of buildings if used as exterior construction material since not only is it able to express various exterior patterns, but because it is also a product that embodies the creative sensitivity of designers. Also, Print has all the characteristics required from today’s construction material with it is easy to process, convenient to assemble, move, and construct, highly reusable, and economically efficient.


  • With a detailed gravure offset printing technology, is able to express the patterns, colors, and textures of various different construction materials such as stone, wood, fabric, and metal.
  • Can replace expensive stainless, bronze, aluminum, and zinc oxide products, heavy stone products, and natural wood products, thereby not only increasing economic efficiency and convenience, but also contribute to preserving the environment.
  • Fluorine products that have excellent weatherproof characteristics is recommended for exterior construction material.
  • Can reduce construction period since construction can be done regardless of the weather.


Exterior construction material, indoor interior, etc.

  • 1 Exterior construction material
  • 2 Bathroom interior materials
  • 3 Interior construction material


LAMINA is a lamination product that is corrosion resistant and has an elegant exterior which is produced by applying film with color and patterns appropriate for construction material on steel sheets.
Steel sheets that have PET and PVC film with various colors and patterns attached to them can also express imposing exterior with low-spangle as well as multi-dimensional texture.


  • Can express various colors, patterns, and textures with thick layers of PET and PVC film.
  • Used indoors or in areas not exposed to ultraviolet rays for long periods of time rather than as exterior construction material exposed to UV rays due to its low weather resistance.


Interior construction material and indoor interior.

  • 1 'Dacha', Russian vacation homes
  • 2 Roofing materials


3Coating is a product that has high-clarity and high-surface spangle in addition to increased physicochemical stability of the base layer of paint by coating finishing with clear, and is the generic term for 3coating products other than print and UV clear products. Can either be a product with solid color or a single color metallic or pearl, which enables differentiated building exterior with a unique texture and sparkling effect depending on the angle of view.


  • Various exterior expressed through different colors, spangle, and texture.
  • Splendid galaxy effects in metallic or pearl related colors are also possible in addition to normal colors.
  • Can also possess particular characteristics such as white board by using functional paints according to each use.


Exterior and interior construction material, fire doors, white boards, etc.

  • 1 Exterior construction material
  • 2 Interior construction material
  • 3 Exterior construction material


PVDF is a fluorine color steel sheet that has been painted with fluorine-mixed paint that is extremely resistant to external corrosion factors. It is the most weather resistant among products used for external construction materials and is most commonly used in external construction products that require a high weather resistance that maintains its original color for a long time. Most PVDF have a low chroma or are dull-finished.


  • Is extremely superior in long-term weather resistance and chemical resistance compared to other painted steel sheets.
  • is used as exterior construction materials in highly corrosive environments such as coastal areas and chemical industry areas where long-term durability and weathe resistance is required.
  • Can also express a metallic feeling while maintaining the characteristics of a fluorine color steel sheet.
  • Is satisfying new needs that demand a glossy texture while maintaining the antique feeling of fluorine color steel sheets by developing a 70% glossiness PVDF product, thereby graduating from the uniform manufacturing of dull-finished products.


Exterior and interior construction material

  • 1 Exterior construction material
  • 2 Prefabricated houses


UNIMINIUM is a color coated aluminum product produced by painting aluminum sheets on the continuous painting process line. Unlike normal color steel sheets where gilded sheets are painted, UNIMINIUM is applied where painted aluminum sheets which are thicker than normal color steel sheets are required for complex panels that demand semi-permanent corrosion resistance and extremely superb surface flatness. With various colors and patterns, UNIMINIUM can express exterior similar to those of European aluminum interior and exterior construction materials.


  • As an aluminum material has a semi-permanent life-span without the risk of red rust, and can be used for a long period without discoloration by treating with weather resistant fluorine paint.
  • External shape after processing is excellent because it is thicker than other painted steel sheets and due to aluminum’s great processability.
  • Complex aluminum panels can be used in specified exterior and interior constrution materials.
  • Transportation and construction convenient due to its light weight.


Complex panels for construction.

  • 1 Exterior construction material
  • 2 Exterior construction material


EMBOSS color steel sheets are products that express various patterns using pattern-engraved emboss rolls. By using emboss rolls with raised and depressed engraving, double-sided EMBOSS with patterns on both sides as well as one-sided EMBOSS which is produced by engraving emboss pattern on the steel sheet by pressing paint or steel sheet with emboss roll that has been only engraved on the top roll. Steel sheets that have been embossed are then painted on the color line.


  • Detailed and elegant patterns can be applied with one-sided emboss treatment.
  • Steel sheets can be strengthened with double-sided emboss treatment to reduce production costs.
  • Two tone emboss color steel sheets with different colored depressed and convex portions are available.


Exterior and interior construction materials and fire doors.

  • 1 EMBOSS patterns
  • 2 EMBOSS patterns

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