• Introduction

    Our passion from the past 62 years will build the next century of steel.

  • Philosophy

    Culture development Cultivation of Talent Excellent quality

  • Ferrum Tower

    Landmark of steel,
    Ferrum Tower



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Dongkuk Steel has been leading the Korean steel industry since 1954. We will maintain the passion and endurance of the past 61years to make history which will span over 100 years.

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Dongkuk Steel’s craftsmanship-‘producing masterpiece steel’ - is the biggest motivation that drives us to manufacture high-value products. The R&D Center established in 2005 is the heart of research and development of Korea’s steel plates, sections, and reinforcing bars. The Dangjin works operating since 2010 is the advanced base for top quality steel plate production. The eco-friendly Incheon Works has started the operation of the Eco-Arc electric furnace in 2010, and a top of the line high tech rolling mill in 2012 to produce top quality reinforcement bars.
Dongkuk Steel is producing best quality products at each of these sites.

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Dongkuk Steel’s labor union declared the ‘permanent strike-free policy’ in 1994 which was the first time in the nation’s industrial history. This was possible due to Dongkuk Steel’s unique corporate culture in which labor and management cares about each other like family members. Also a consensus was formed that a win-win solution had to be found to survive in the age of limitless competition. Since 1994, the Dongkuk Steel Labor Union has entrusted the wage settlement to management for 19 consecutive years.

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In 1965, Dongkuk Steel has as the first Korean private enterprise, started the operation of a blast furnace. Dongkuk Steel is also the first enterprise that installed an electric arc furnace (1966), and a DC electricare furnace (1998) in Korea.
Dongkuk Steel, the pioneer of steel industry, was not satisfied with glories of the past, and continued with the ‘Firsts. ’KS certification of high-strength reinforcing-bars (2009), completion and operation of environmental friendly eco-arc furnace (2010), KS establishment of earthquake resisting reinforcing bars (2011), construction of CSP in Brazil (2012), and many more are the achievements of many “Firsts” which Dongkuk Steel has established recently.

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