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    Our passion from the past 62 years will build the next century of steel.

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    Culture development Cultivation of Talent Excellent quality

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    Landmark of steel,
    Ferrum Tower


Domestic/International Network

International Network

Main Network

  • JapanJapan
  • Sales Division In CHINASales Division In CHINA
  • UnionSteel CHINAUnionSteel CHINA

Sales Division In CHINA

Sales Division In CHINA is managing the China Corporation comprehensively, which carries out the export/import business in China and the communication with Head Office and customers.

  • Telephone : 86-510-8603-7100
  • Fax : 86-510-8603-7400
  • Address : 中国江苏省阴江市夏街道港路5号三楼邮编
    3F, No.5 Sugang Rd., Xigang Zone, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, CHINA 214442

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Information and Communication Law, Article 5, the second clause (Prohibition of collecting e-mail address without permission) ① Anybody is not allowed collect e-mail address without permission on the web page clearly specified the prohibition of the act.
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