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    Our passion from the past 62 years will build the next century of steel.

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    Culture development Cultivation of Talent Excellent quality

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    Landmark of steel,
    Ferrum Tower


Domestic/International Network

International Network

Main Network

  • UAE BranchBrasil
  • Dongkuk InternationalU.S.A

Dongkuk International

Established in 1970, Dongkuk Steel USA office is procuring raw materials such as slabs and steel scrap , and is responsible for product exports for steel plates, colored plates and more. Offices are located in LA and New York and actively conduct sales operations throughout the United States, Canada and South America.

Dongkuk International
  • Los Angeles Branch
  • Telephone : 1-310-523-9595
  • Fax : 1-310-523-9599
  • Address : 19750 Magellan Drive Torrance, CA. 90502, U.S.A
  • New York Office
  • Telephone : 1-201-592-8600
  • Fax : 1-201-947-3999
  • Address : 400 Kelby Street, 11th Floor, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, U.S.A

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